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Help Us Fundraise For A New Hangar

We are gathering funds to build our new hangar to be able to train more students and raise the new generation of Tuskegee Airmen.

With Your Support we will be able to do it.

Learn More About Our New Hangar Concept

Join us in our dream to get for our students the best through your support and passion, you will find the infrastructure designs and 3D illustration for the Hangar Layout including the Class Rooms, Simulators, Garage, Offices, Testing areas and more.

Fundraising Goal

With Your Help and your donation we will be able to build the new hangar as soon as we reach our goal, Fundraise for the new hangar and share our PayPal link to collect more fundraising.

8 Million Goal
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My wife and I can’t think of a better organization to donate time and resources to than the Red Tail Scholarship Foundation. The RTSF is dedicated to building future leaders for America just like the legendary WWII Red Tails. These young folks are motivated, dedicated, and highly capable and are exactly the kind of people worthy of support. I think as people across the country learn about the program, they will donate their time and resources to help ensure the next generation of Red Tails have a training facility and opportunity equal to their legacy. I encourage corporations and individuals like me, that have enjoyed a great career in the aviation industry, to donate time and resources to this endeavor. Being involved with the RTSF is one of those things that makes you feel good when you go to sleep at night.

Major General Randal "Juicy" Efferson  |  Air National Guard Assistant to the Commander.

Contributed in the Capital Campaign with a donation of $10,000


RTFA’s current facilities house training and operations in a triple-wide modular office trailer, with one classroom, two small conference rooms, a maintenance office, and a simulation room.
Maintenance operations are confined to two T hangars and a small storage area. As we grow, our facilities are in need of an expansion so that young people can continue to spread their wings.
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