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We believe that the power of filmmaking and storytelling is the best way to raise awareness and spark a call to action for the masses. By producing this film, we will awaken new audiences to the story of these young black aviators and give them a powerful tool that enables them to be heard and grow their cause. Additionally, this film will serve as an asset for the Red Tails Scholarship fund to use towards fundraising, partnerships, and creating more scholarship opportunities.


We are trying to be the new TUSKEGEE Airmen!

RED HORIZON is a documentary film about a group of pilots who are dedicated to keeping the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen while pursuing their dream of becoming professional aviators and inspiring the black community to take to the skies and change the racial imbalance in the world of aviation. The film centers around a cast of dedicated students at who are on scholarship with the Red Tails Scholarship Fund. Their hopes are not short sighted, but what matters most is keeping the Tuskeegee Airmen legacy alive.


Torius Moore

Jared Savage

Emilia Tolbert

Rodney McKnight

Craig Moore

Morgan Johnson

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