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London Amoah

Atlanta, GA

     London Amoah was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and has resided in the city of Hampton, Georgia majority of his life. He has had many experiences and mentors in his past years growing up. With a father from the country of Ghana, and a mother from Thomasville, Georgia, London got to experience different cultures. As a child, London has been interested in career fields in aviation, military, and professional sports. London is 20 years old now and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Aviation Science & Management at Middle Georgia State University.

     While he was in high school, he got the opportunity to participate in the Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps and learn about the history of aviation, aerospace sciences, and career opportunities in aviation. He nor his family has an aviation background, but his mother did get the chance to be a Flight attendant in her early years. With the possibility of joining the military, London met an Air Force recruiter who explained the idea of being a pilot. After a brief conversation followed by heavy research and networking, London caught the aviation bug and decided that this was something he saw himself. He experienced his first discovery flight in 2018 at Henry County airfield, which sealed his goal to become a professional pilot one day.

     In August 2020, London started working towards his private pilot certificate at Happy Goat flying Club. He has gone through each stage of his training while working to fund his flight training out of pocket. With the support of his family and friends, he has made it very far. Currently, London got the opportunity to be accepted onto the Red Tail Scholarship Foundation, located in Tuskegee, Alabama where he has acquired his private pilot’s certificate, and is now working on his Instrument rating. The organization has given London the time to focus solely on flying and build his craft while being supported by like-minded individuals. Eventually he hopes to finish his training in the near future and instruct for the scholarship as a way to give back

London Amoah
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