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Jasmine Smith

Palmdale, CA

     Jasmine Q. Smith graduated Tuskegee University in May 2021 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. During school she spent her time flying as well as participating as a cadet in Air Force ROTC. She commissioned into the Air Force in August 2021 as a 2nd Lieutenant.

     Jasmine’s passion for flying came from watching the Thunderbirds Airshow back in high school. She plans on continuing her pilot goals in the Air Force over the next couple years and dreams of flying the F-22. However, Jasmine’s ultimate goal is to one day become an astronaut.

     The Red Tail Scholarship Foundation has been an extended family to Jasmine since the spring of 2019. She has enjoyed her time flying and showing others her passion by aiding in teaching high schoolers ground school lessons and encouraging students in her ROTC program to take their first discovery flight. Jasmine’s father used to tell her that failure isn’t the opposite of success, it’s part of it; and that’s a strong lesson she has had to learn over her years of flying. Though she has had her fair share of challenges, she’s very appreciative to the board for providing her with encouraging mentors and to the donors who continue to believe in her and her fellow scholars.

Jasmine Smith
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