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Brandy Harris

Notasulga, AL

     Born and raised in a small town adjacent to Tuskegee, Brandy Harris was enriched with the history and excitement of aviation at a young age. Mostly, that excitement was filled with curiosity of what the rest of the world looked like and  Brandy knew aviation was the way to find out. Brandy attended a small High School in Notasulga Alabama and graduated alongside 19 of her fellow classmates. It was a small town, small school, and a lot easier to have small dreams, but Brandy’s mother instilled in her the importance of hard work, education and living with purpose and passion. After graduating Notasulga she went on to obtain her Bachelors degree from Troy University and became a Flight Attendant for a major airline.

     Brandy grew up hearing stories of her grandfather who flew both fixed and rotary wing in the Army, but she still lacked the confidence that being a pilot was feasible. After becoming a flight attendant it became more evident that the lack of female representation was overwhelming but not discouraging. It made her appreciate every time she saw a female Captain or First Officer and drove her to work even harder to get from the back of the plane to the front. Brandy began her flight training in 2020 and earned her Private Pilot License March 2021. Her ultimate goal is to be a professional pilot for her current employer while helping others achieve their personal aviation goals along the way.

     Brandy expresses The Redtail Scholarship Foundation has changed her life. It has provided her with the confidence, knowledge, tools and resources to soar far beyond her “small town dreams”. Nothing excites Brandy more than the thought of her future career in aviation and having the opportunity to give back by pouring her passion and purpose into the next future aviator.

Brandy Harris
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