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Amyaa Brown

Houston, TX

     Amyaa Brown exemplifies Aviation Excellence. The daughter of Col. Stephanie C. Wilcher (Ret.), Amyaa experienced the world as an Army Brat, residing in different parts of the U.S. and abroad. She eventually found herself in Houston, Texas, where she earned a B.S. in Aviation Science from Texas Southern University, an HBCU institution. Amyaa’s first aviation-related job was as an Account Manager for a private jet operator. Later, she transitioned into her current role managing international flights for multiple private and charter companies with World Fuel Services Corporation.

     Amyaa realized her aviation passion while on a commercial airline flight at age 11. She flew as an unaccompanied minor to be reunited with her mother who had just returned from a year-long deployment. After passengers deplaned, the flight captain extended an invitation for Amyaa to sit in the cockpit. She accepted the invitation and was enthralled at what she saw, sparking her dream to become a pilot.

     With the help of the Red Tail Scholarship Foundation, Amyaa recently obtained her Private Pilot License and plans to continue her journey to become a Corporate Pilot.

Amyaa Brown
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