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2023 STEM Aviation Expo

The Tuskegee Airman Legacy still contributing to educating, inspiring and motivating the next generation of aviation's future. Join us this summer at STEM Aviation Expo.

Aaliyah Jones

New Orleans, LA

     Aaliyah Jones was born in Atlanta, Georgia but moved to her mother’s hometown, New Orleans, Louisiana at the age of three. She currently attends Tuskegee University where she is working towards a bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering. Aaliyah serves as the Publicity Chair of the Tuskegee University chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success. She is also the student manager for the Tuskegee Women’s Basketball, a member of the Tuskegee NAACP chapter, and a member of the National Society of Black Engineers. In her free time, Aaliyah enjoys listening to music, cooking, working out, volunteering, and spending time with loved ones.

     Aaliyah began flying in July of 2018 when she attended the Solo Flight Academy with the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals. There, she went through flight training that allowed her to complete her first solo flight. Aaliyah has since received her private pilot’s license and is currently working towards her instrument rating at the Red Tail Flight Academy. She became interested in aviation at the age of 10, after watching the movie Red Tails, which depicts the Tuskegee Airmen during World War II. She initially planned to be a fighter pilot, but after receiving an opportunity to be a part of the Red Tail Flight Academy, she decided she would go the civilian route and work for the airlines.

     Aaliyah began training with the Red Tail Flight Academy in March of 2021. The foundation has taught Aaliyah the importance of always putting her best foot forward when working towards a goal in the aviation field. As an African American Female pilot, many underestimate you because they feel as if they’re superior, but you must fight that ignorance and discrimination with hard work and excellence. Two quotes that resonate with Aaliyah since joining the scholarship are “Excellence in all we do” and “Do everything with a purpose”.

Aaliyah Jones
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