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Lieutenant Colonel

Richard Peace
Co-Chairman, Board of Directors

     Lieutenant Colonel Rich Peace is an F-16C+ Instructor Pilot currently  based in Montgomery, AL, as a member of the Alabama Air National Guard.  In addition to his military service, Lt. Col. Peace is a 757/767 Pilot  and Instructor for Delta Air Lines (Atlanta, GA) and owner of Peace  Development Groups, LLC.

     Lt. Col. Peace first joined the Air Force as a response to the  unprecedented attack on our nation on September 11, 2001. During his 17+  years in the Air Force, he has 5 combat deployments totaling in 700  combat hours flown during 180 aerial missions. Following a seven-month  tour in Afghanistan, Lt. Col. Peace was hired to be a First Officer for  Delta Air Lines in December 2014, while he also transitioned to become a  traditional member of the Air National Guard. 

     It was this transition  that afforded him the opportunity to create his company and start a  nationwide program to encourage aviation careers in predominantly  minority and disadvantaged communities.

     In 2015, Rich Peace started his own company, Peace Development Group,  LLC (PDG), with the goal of improving his neighborhood and other  communities throughout the southeast. One of the first projects of the  new company was to develop the Red Tail Scholarship Foundation (RTSF).  

     As a founding board member of RTSF, Mr. Peace has been working  tirelessly to develop a scholarship and mentoring program to encourage  minorities to pursue careers in aviation. RTSF awarded its first full  aviation scholarship January 2017. 

     Not stopping there, PDG partnered  with Atlanta Sports Connection, Inc (ASC), to start building industry in  the newly developed city of Stonecrest, GA. As a member of the Board of  Directors of ASC, Mr. Peace has been instrumental in developing what is  now the single biggest employer in the city of Stonecrest.

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